Happy Khmer New Year!

The students at Samart School E.C.O. celebrated the Khmer New Year with great success in 2014, putting on a play and a party for all locals and volunteers in the area! Now the school can reflect back on all its exciting recent developments and upcoming projects.

Official NGO Status Secured!

As of March 2014, Education for Cambodia Organization is officially a licensed NGO! The school began the process of applying for NGO status in August of 2013. NGO status will mean some changes to the school’s rules and regulations – which will help the school improve and grow.

Library and Book Club Up & Running

The new library is now set up and running! With the help of our librarian Salav, the children now have access to English language books of all levels – as well as a book club! Although functional, the library is still trying to collect books to provide a wide range of subjects to readers of 

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Khmer Cuisine Cooking Classes

The brand new Samart School cooking class is one of the many possibilities for volunteers to participate in while you are staying at the school. Its goal is to give you more of an insight into the community you are living in as well as picking up some useful skills in the kitchen. All profits 

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